Product and Design Strategy for the Internet of Things

I’m a product strategy, strategic design and UX consultant. I help companies create valuable, useful and desirable products and services which combine software and connected, embedded hardware. 

I have deep experience across a range of industries, including connected home, energy management, industrial applications, consumer electronics, health/wellbeing, automotive and developer tools.

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Designing for IoT is different. I can help you get it right.

Like any product, connected products need a compelling value proposition, and an engaging and usable design. Well-designed hardware, and good software apps, are important parts of this. But creating products which combine hardware and software brings new types of challenge.

It can be tricky to define a business model which covers your cost structure and fits user expectations. New types of interaction design challenge emerge when the user experience is distributed across multiple devices and interfaces. Privacy, security and interoperability issues are ongoing challenges.

Designing for IoT is system design. It’s not just about individual devices and interfaces. It’s about ensuring the parts form a coherent whole, and aligning commercial and technological considerations with user needs.

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